About me

Yanko Ivanov

Yanko Ivanov is a very intuitive artist with a great interest in mythology, ancient sages and contemporary stories that shape the human history and define its destiny. His works can be categorized as “contemporary expressionism“ but lately he also created more impressionistic works. Many of his work are “oil-paint on artistic materials“ using a great variety of techniques.

In his own words:

I strongly believe that creativity is a gift, that when it is strong enough, cannot be stopped; you only have to learn to listen to your heart and your hands will be shaping amazing compositions in an eruption of joy. Sometimes I am utterly amazed about the result and I sincerely hope that those who will buy my work will enjoy the rest of their lives the vivid work of my hands, my heart and my soul.

Over the years Yanko developed a powerful style while exploring other materials and textures resulting in truly original works of art which are exhibited on multiple occasions over the years. Therefore a growing group of collectors is eagerly following the artist on his creative journey and buying his work.

His artwork is not only for sale, but can also be rented. Yanko is happy to discuss options and arrange the proper paperwork to make sure his work can be admired in as many places as possible.