About me

Yanko Ivanov

My name is Yanko Ivanov Ivanov.
Born in Lovech, one of the main cities of Bulgaria, in the magic year 1989, in which the walls that divided east and west, were falling down.
My mother is Bulgarian and my Father Brazilian. Even when I was very young I felt to be a “citizen of the world “. Being a Teenager I moved to Greece and lived and worked in Mykonos and Kreta. In the years that I worked as a model in the fashion industry I travelled to many countries in Europe. Since three years I live in the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands. Here I discovered my great passion to create.

My works can be categorized as “contemporary expressionism“. Most of my work is “oil-paint on wood“ using a great variety of techniques.
Of course many of my ”fellows in arts“ choose to start their careers in art schools. The danger of such a choice is that the frames of the teachers kill the passion and originality of the pupils.

I strongly believe that creativity is a gift, that when it is strong enough, cannot be stopped; you only have to learn to listen to your heart and your hands will be shaping amazing compositions in an eruption of joy. Sometimes I am utterly amazed about the result and I sincerely hope that those who will buy my work will enjoy the rest of their lives the vivid work of my hands, my heart and my soul.